Baba Budha Ji

​​Gurdwara Baba Budha Ji, which first opened its door to sangat in 1995, was the third Gurdwara in Hamilton and second in the east Hamilton and Stoney Creek area. The Gurdwara was made on the demand of growing Sikh community in the region. Since then, the Sikh population here is continuously growing and this place of worship has become the main "goto" Gurdwara for all Sikh sangat residing in Hamilton area. Also, because this is an "Asthaan" of Baba Budha Ji, families desiring children/son come here from as far as Europe to pray for the blessing of Baba Budha Ji. This practice is not only done by Sikh families but couples from all other communities also come to pray here for the same reason. 


Due to all these reasons, the Gurdwara remains busy on all days during the week. In early 2000's, it became apparent that Gurdwara's building was not large enough to accommodate growing number of Sikh sangat. But due to inefficient funds, the project of Gurdwara's building expansion was delayed for almost a decade. Finally, with WaheGuru's blessing, the construction has begun this year to triple the size of current building.

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